A new SDK for VIMOC’s Landscape Computing API

We are announcing today the general availability of a new SDK for the VIMOC Landscape Computing API. Our SDK aims at making it very easy for developers to build high value solutions on top of VIMOC’s Landscape Computing resources. The SDK covers our entire set of APIs and provide access to metadata, current value and analytics for:

  • sites
  • zones
  • sensors

The SDK comes with a Sample Application which uses the API to help drivers find empty parking spots on our sites. When you are too far from a site, the sample app generates a random starting point near downtown Palo Alto and shows actual empty parking spots nearby. The SDK comes also with sample forms and views to create queries and represent tabular data. Our SDK is built on React.js which is part of Facebook’s new Web Application Architecture. React.js itself is architecture neutral and our SDK components can be used on Web clients (Single Page Applications), Web Servers (Server-Side-Rendering) or Native applications. All you need to start using our SDK is a simple

element in a Web page:

) ; 

We are fanatical about making you successful, so please feel free to contact us should you have any question.

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