Injecting Intelligence in the DNA of the City

Submitted and accepted to the Smart City Expo world congress Barcelona (18-20 November 2014)


We have entered an era where governments, citizens, businesses and social organizations are beginning to understand the profound impacts awareness, collaboration, and intelligence will bring. Building the cities of tomorrow  the so called “smart cities”  requires new and very different modes of creativity, design and development. Cities will need to initiate and build collaborative  and innovative platforms to include technologist, entrepreneurs, academics, artists, and politicians, to initiate and innovate in the development of community oriented smart services. In this paper we present a unique solution and methodology  initiated in Newcastle, Australia to build smart communities leading to smart cities. There are useful starting points and milestones along the way, but the innovation continuum for smart cities is best thought of as a group of iterative overlapping stages of innovation rather than a sequence of orderly steps. Injecting Intelligence in the DNA of the City is a nonlinear process built around exploration and discovery; if done right, the process will lead to unexpected concepts and ideas creating the foundation of the cities of tomorrow.


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